ELS Train Service is dedicated to providing premium DCC and DCC Sound installations for our customers. We handle your engines with the utmost care to ensure none of the delicate components will be damaged. We will talk with you regarding your expectations from your DCC system. Our preferred sound decoders are ESU LoKsound and Soundtraxx Econami/tsu2. We will use any decoder that you, the customer prefers.

We also re-motor and repair most brands of engines. Including replacing drives and gearboxes. We have a strong background in BRASS locomotives and are comfortable working on any and all manufactures of Brass.

We typically install two speakers if the application allows. On Brass steam engines, we try to install the speakers in the boiler when ever possible. 



This is a Brass NW5. It has a rebuilt drive and uses a LokSound decoder with a Full Throttle sound file. Notice the Drive Hold function.

Three Brass ATSF Steam Engine Projects with enhanced Speaker Systems The 4-8-4 has a 2-way speaker system. A woofer in the tender and two mid/high range speakers in the boiler. A crossover network separates the frequencies between the speakers. The motors were replaced and full cab detail was added to the 4-8-4 and the 2-8-4

This is a Brass Division Point Baldwin CenterCab. It has a ESU LoKsound Select decoder with a Baldwin 606 dual prime mover sound file. It uses two Iphone speakers.

This is a Loksound installation in a brass steam engine. There are two speakers mounted in the boiler along with the decoder. The only wire to the tender is a left rail pick up to supplement the draw bar. Notice the ability to increase and decrease the bark of the chuff.

Challenger Imports Great Northern Q1 2-10-2 steam engine. ESU LokSound decoder with Full Throttle steam engine sound file. Two speakers and decoder are mounted in the boiler

The engine has a woofer in the tender and a mid/tweeter in the boiler. The crossovers are next to the speakers. This uses a WOW decoder



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